Ice cream parlours

Ice cream cakes and meringue cakes

We invite you to learn more about our Ice cream and meringue cakes prepared from scratch in our factory near Warsaw.

Our ice cream parlours offer a wide selection of original cakes: ice cream meringue cakes, meringue cream cake, meringue chocolate cake, meringue coffee cake, as well as occasional ice cream cakes. They are perfect for special occasions such as baptisms or communions. All of them are prepared with the highest quality ingredients - ice cream, fruit sorbets, our crispy meringue tops, chocolate or aromatic coffee. Everyone will find the right cake for themselves!

Get acquainted with the price list of our cakes

Occasional ice-cream and meringue cakes, meringue-cream, meringue-chocolate and meringue-coffee cakes are available only in selected ice cream parlors in Warsaw.

To order, please contact us: 608 006 140 or

OREO ice cream meringue cake
Ice cream-meringue fruit cake
fruity (with no added flour)
Meringue coffee cake
(with no added flour)
Meringue chocolate cake
(with no added flour)
Meringue cream cake
with forest fruits
(frozen, with no added flour)
Ice cream meringue cake
on special request
Ice cream vanilla strawberry cake with Oreo
Occasional ice cream-meringue-fruit cake
Occasional ice cream-meringue-dried fruit cake