Ice cream desserts

Ice cream desserts

All ice cream desserts are made with ice cream and sorbets produced using artisanal methods in accordance with traditional recipes. Moreover, the delicious additions to our ice cream desserts, such as crunchy wafer rolls, buttery “cat biscuits”, meringues, whipped cream or sauces, are all made at our ice cream parlours or at our confectionery workshops.

Karmel & Popcorn

Oreo and Vanilla

Raspberry Brownie

Mango Dessert

Walnut Cup

Strawberry Dessert

Vanilla Dessert

Chocolate Dessert

Peach Melba Dessert


Raspberry Note

Mint Music

Tiramisu Dessert

Banana Cup

Pistachio Dessert

Coffee Poem

Amaretto Dessert

Dried Fruit and Nut Dessert

Summer Melody

Yoghurt & Raspberry Cup

Strawberry Fantasy