Coffee, tea, chocolate

"We discovered the rich taste of our coffee during one of our trips to Milan.
The beans are an original blend of 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta coffee."

Ronnefeldt tea

The tea served at our ice cream parlours was specially selected to go perfectly with our desserts and cakes.

Ronnefeldt tea


Velvety smooth chocolate with whipped cream is a perfect, exquisite drink, both when cold and hot, which we prepare at our ice cream parlours.

Iced chocolate

Hot chocolate with chunks of Milka chocolate

Classic hot chocolate

Grycan coffee

Our coffee is prepared by trained baristas. The full aroma of freshly roast beans is brought out through the use of pump-driven espresso machines.


Espresso doppio

Espresso macchiato

Espresso con panna

Espresso affogato

Caffè americano


Grande cappuccino

Flat white

Oreo latte

Caffè mocha

Latte macchiato

Vanilla latte macchiato

Brownie latte

Caramel latte macchiato

Cinnamon latte macchiato

Vanilla iced latte

Chocolate iced latte

Caramel iced latte

Iced coffee