We Love Desserts

All ice cream desserts are made with ice cream and sorbets produced using artisanal methods in accordance with traditional recipes. Moreover, the delicious additions to our ice cream desserts, such as crunchy wafer rolls, buttery “cat biscuits”, meringues, whipped cream or sauces, are all made at our ice cream parlours or at our confectionery workshops.

Apart from our customers’ favourites, the line-up includes two new compositions – the Strawberry Oreo Dessert and the Pavlova Meringue Dessert.

The Strawberry Oreo Dessert is a combination of traditional chocolate ice cream with its rich taste of plain chocolate, dairy cream ice cream and the refreshing strawberry sorbet. The dessert is garnished with whipped cream, strawberry sauce, a crunchy wafer roll, fresh strawberries and the cult Oreo biscuits.

The Pavlova Meringue Dessert – an elegant combination of sorbet made with sweet Polish strawberries and vanilla ice cream, garnished with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. The dessert is also topped with fresh, succulent strawberries and sweet meringues.