We Love Desserts in Spring

With the first rays of sunshine, new products have appeared as part of our “We Love Desserts in Spring” line-up. Our Orange Cheesecake, Meringue Tiramisu and the Connoisseur’s Trio Set are desserts which you simply can’t resist!

The Orange Cheesecake Dessert is a combination of our Orange Cheesecake Dessert Flavour, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chunks of traditional cheesecake as well as fluffy whipped cream and home-made orange preserve.

The Meringue Tiramisu Dessert is composed of the Mocca with Meringue and Dark Chocolate Dessert Flavour, tiramisu and vanilla ice cream with fully whipped cream and chunks of tiramisu made at our confectionery workshop.

The Connoisseur’s Trio Set  is an elegant tasting set composed of three Dessert Flavours and Caffè Americano.

All desserts served at Grycan ice cream parlours are made on request. Their main ingredient is ice cream made in accordance with artisanal methods and traditional recipes, and they are decorated with carefully selected and prepared additions – fruit, hand-made biscuits, meringues and wafer rolls, as well as fruit and chocolate sauces.