Dessert or gingerbread?

Starting 27 October, customers of Grycan – Ice Cream for Generations can expect a special offer at our ice cream parlours. But what do you choose when the Sweet-and-Salty Banoffi entices with its combination of dulce de leche and nuts, and a serving of the Traditional Polish Gingerbread enraptures with its fragrant spices and an abundance of dried fruit and nuts?

For fans of our ice cream compositions, we have created a new original dessert – the Sweet-and-Salty Banoffi with the panna cotta Dessert Flavour with dulce de leche and salted nuts. Additionally, we recommend our bestseller, the Traditional Polish Gingerbread with dried fruit and nuts, as an addition to every cup of coffee, chocolate or tea, says Elżbieta Grycan, owner of the Grycan – Ice Cream for Generations chain.

The Sweet-and-Salty Banoffi dessert is a new addition to the We Love Desserts range, which is very popular with customers. It combines three flavours of ice cream, including the huge hit – the panna cotta with dulce de leche and salted nuts Dessert Flavour, as well as dairy cream and salted peanut butter ice cream. Other ingredients of the dessert are a ripe banana, cereal biscuits, caramel sauce and salted peanuts. The dessert costs PLN 19.90.

For customers who miss traditional winter flavours, we have decided to bring back the Traditional Polish Gingerbread, which can be ordered with every coffee, chocolate or tea for PLN 6.90. The gingerbread is made in accordance with a traditional recipe from the Eastern Borderlands. Its unique flavour is the result of careful selection of ingredients: honey from a partner apiary, an original mix of fragrant spices, as well as home-made caramel, dried fruit and nuts. Each gingerbread has a layer of plum butter and is manually covered with chocolate and garnished with walnut halves.

The offer is available from 27 October until 5 December at all Grycan – Ice Cream for Generations ice cream parlours across Poland.


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