Children’s Day with Grycan – one scoop of ice cream for PLN 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, on Children’s Days you can get one scoop of ice cream for just one zloty at Grycan parlours! On 1 June, all children are in for a special treat at Grycan – Ice Cream for Generation parlours! On this day, a scoop of ice cream in a cone or a cup will cost PLN 1.

Children’s Day is a wonderful, joyous, and most importantly family occasion. On this occasion, as in previous years, we would like to invite all children – small, big or even adult – to our ice cream parlours for ice cream at a special price!”– says Zbigniew Grycan, owner of the Grycan – Ice Cream for Generations chain. 

Foodies of all ages can choose from 60 flavours of traditional ice cream, frozen yoghurt and fruit sorbets made in accordance with artisanal methods and tried and tested recipes, which have been passed down the owners’ family from generation to generation. The secret behind Grycan ice cream is its top-quality ingredients: whipping cream, egg yolks, sugar and carefully prepared additions: fruit bought when its perfectly ripe, peeled and cut by hand, carefully selected dried fruit and nuts or hand-chopped plain chocolate.

The offer “One scoop of ice cream for PLN 1” applies to scoops sold both in cones and in takeaway cups. The offer is valid at all Grycan – Ice Cream for Generations parlours on 1 June 2018.


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